Free Webinar: May 23rd @ 11AM EST, Benchmarking [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: May 23rd @ 11AM EST, Benchmarking [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: June 20th @ 11AM EST, Diversification [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: June 20th @ 11AM EST, Diversification [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](

Watch the short video or read below!

It happened again, didn’t it?

You, or one of your sales associates, had a great design consultation appointment. You walked through your entire showroom, TWICE. You talked through everything that the homeowner desired. You felt confident that you had a new customer!

But when you finally drafted up the quote and presented it, the whole situation started to fall apart. Instead of pulling out their checkbook they started bringing up problems, issues, obstacles, anything they could, to escape from your showroom WITHOUT making a commitment.

And now you are stuck, once again, playing the “follow-up” game. Dreading that moment when they tell you that they decided to go with a different fabricator down the street who could do basically the same thing that you had proposed, sooner, and for a lower price.

I’ve got a quick question for you…

Do you ever wish every prospect that you worked with would commit to using you?

Or what it would be like if you were able to double or even triple your close rate?

That all the work you put in to designing and quoting wasn’t wasted on price shoppers???

My name is Steve. And a handful of years ago, I was just like you!

I was struggling with my business. Hustling to get revenues up, or costs down, just to make ends meet. I tried everything I could think of, until the day I had my “Ah-ha moment”.

My competitors and I all want the same customers!

I realized that I had to be different… better, than my competition, or I would continue to LOSE!

I needed to LEARN HOW TO SELL!

MINDSET SHIFT: Sales is Everything & Everything is Taught

And so marked the beginning of my quest. My quest to find the best sales training possible. I dilligently went to classes, week after week, month after month, until I mastered the skills required to turn my business around.

I tripled my close rate from 20% to 60% – and with the 40% that I didn’t close… I closed the file on them. I called it my 100% close rate. Close the deal, or close the file!

I also saved time not chasing all those think-it-overs, I increased my average selling price, and I now had a way to scale my business and grow!

I was inspired to teach what I had learned to others who were struggling.

But, the training needed to be customized, industry specific, and self-paced!

A Sales Program designed specifically for Countertop Fabricators!

This program will teach you and your team how to close more jobs, so you can increase your top line revenue and maximize your marketing dollars.

It will take the guess work out of sales, so you can concentrate on running your business instead of hustling to fill the installation schedule.

It will give you the confidence you need, so you can take your business to the next level.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others are saying…

“This class is a luxury. Shows my weaknesses. My B2B abilities have definitely improved.”


“You simplify the process and bring it down to Earth. Such relatable stories that open our eyes. It’s not that complicated, but you do have to sell yourself!”


“I used to think when I didn’t get a sale, that they just didn’t have enough money. Now I see that my company has value that needs to be communicated. And, as a bonus, I enjoy the class – it’s not like stuffy sales training.”


“For people in our industry, it’s really easy to think that our problems are unique, but Steve’s solutions are universal and apply directly to us.”


The program consists of FIVE KEY AREAS for your sales success:

Understanding People

You will become an expert at identifying the different styles of people and how to quickly and effortlessly adjust your style to match theirs.

Communicating Value

You will discover all the value that you bring to the customer personally, at their sales representative, as well as what your company provides, and be able to share it with the customer as part of your sales process.

Managing Your Process

You will create and/or refine your current sales process to make it repeatable, efficient, and bullet-proof.

Closing and Negotiating

Whether it’s B2B or B2C, you will be able to handle objections like a sales pro, hold the line on your negotiations, and close (almost) every deal that you want to close.

Tracking and Refining

You will understand why it’s important to track your behaviors to know exactly what needs refining, retooling, or rebuilding as you continue to grow your team and your business.

Not only will you get a new sales lesson every two weeks, but you (the sales leader) will get all the support you need to run effective sales training sessions in your office on your schedule.

We will not let you fail.

What Do You Get?

– 26 Bi-Weekly Sales Lessons

– Sales Leadership Videos

– Handouts / Quizzes

– 1 DISC Assessment

– Coaching Support*

Each module will be unlocked sequentially as you finish them. This isn’t a course that you binge watch in one weekend. 

As a matter of fact, we won’t let you do that. You need time to let each lesson soak in. Time to practice. Time to discuss with your team.

*Help with the program is included.
Additional coaching charges may apply for any customization or hands-on help.

The “Even-though-I-tried, it-didn’t-help” Guarantee!

You put in the effort and watch the lessons, try out what’s in them, and if you can’t get any improvements in sales that you are happy with, then I will give you and your team a free 3-hour Zoom seminar. You will tell me why it’s not working, and I will personally troubleshoot and coach you and your team to success.

If that still doesn’t get you going, then I will refund the entire price of the program.

Join your fellow fabricators & increase your sales today!

Sales Mastery Course Subscription


to get started
$97 per month thereafter

Get Started Today

Cancel Anytime

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“Mentoring By Steve Brooks” Limited Liability Company

Still Have Questions?

Send an email to and we can set up a telephone call to discuss any questions, comments, or concern you might have about this program.

Fabricator’s Coach for Sales


Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every homeowner, who walked into your showroom or invited you to visit their kitchen, bought from you that very same day?

Easier said than done, right?

This program is committed to working with you to achieve:

  • a faster sales cycle
  • a higher close ratio
  • and increased job profits!

(Reduce think-it-overs, prevent competitors undercutting your prices, and eliminate discounting.)

The idea is simple: owners and sales leaders enroll in our course. Every couple of weeks (based on your pace) you organize a sales meeting with all of your customer facing employees. You watch a short video lesson together, discuss what you learned, assign some homework assignments and get back out with your customers to practice.

Your commitment:

  • A small financial investment,
  • Bi-weekly sales meetings to learn new skills and strategies,
  • And a desire to put it all into practice.

Let’s get started!

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