Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](


Get Consistent, Predictable
Business Results

Customized Coaching by an Industry Expert

Get Focused ON Your Business

Make Higher Margins

Grow with Confidence

Get Focused ON Your Business

Make Higher Margins

Grow with Confidence


Since working with Ed, my business is so radically different than when we first started. There's no real fear anymore.

TJ Henderson | Modern Countertops

I trust Ed because he has such a wealth of knowledge, he’s been in the industry. He's coached SO many fabricators. He's seen every problem out there.

Genny Haas | Stone Fabricators

Before we're we started working with Ed, everything was based on a hunch. Now we have the data to run our business with control.

Laura Harris | Titan Granite

Ed’s experience in the industry is priceless. Our numbers are getting better and better. We're on target for growth of about 40% this year.

Andrew Clyde | Ashcraft Granite & Marble

We knew we could trust him. The results were immediate.

Charles Arriola | StoneWorks

What Ed gives you is, you pay very little for it, and you get to use it from now on. It never wears out. You have predictability and control.

Wade Edgar | Eurostone Machine

We don’t know how to function without following the principles Ed taught us.

John Baltzegar | StoneWorks

Ed’s very knowledgeable, kind, a superb listener, extremely encouraging & super smart. I feel like I have more control now…”Be prepared for a really enjoyable outcome!

Annie Kruger | SolidTops
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  • Struggling to find good employees for your business?
  • Always the only person who can answer a question?
  • Worried about how the economy is going to affect your business?
  • Frustrated that you never have enough time to work on improving your business?
  • Tired of playing the ‘lowest price’ game with your customers?
  • Afraid you won’t be able to sell your business for the ‘right amount’ when you retire?

Stop Struggling & Gain Control of Your Business


Schedule a Discovery Call

to identify exactly what isn’t working (it’s free!)


Follow a Customized Plan

with hands-on support to get you to your goals

Feel Calm, Cool & Collected

as you confidently run your business [instead of it running you!] with the support of a knowledgeable, caring coach

Start Pulling the Levers to Achieve The Results You Want


Constantly changing template, fab, install schedules

It’s tough to tell day to day whether you are making money or not

Template to Install lead times are longer than 2 weeks

Pressured more and more to reduce prices

It seems like remakes are eating up your profit

It seems like you are constantly having to solve the same problems over and over

In 180 Days

Schedules are set and rarely change

You know every day if the previous day was profitable

Template to Install lead time is less than 7 days

You consistently get the price you need

You have almost no remakes

Once you solve a problem, it stays solved

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with Ed

Get A Customized Solution As Unique As YOUR Shop

We don’t have a hammer just looking for a nail! We assess your specific situation and craft a plan as unique as you are.

A skilled assessment of where you are now

A detailed plan of action to get you to your goals

Team empowerment

Coaching to keep all eyes focused on the goal

Regular one-on-one coaching to keep the needle moving

911 calls for when something unexpected arises

Access to effective tools to help solve specific problems in your business

A sounding board for business decisions

A confidante who has been where you are

Someone who is just as interested in your success as you are

What’s Your Chaos Index?

Get Immediate Feedback In Under 10 Minutes!

Take this free self-assessment to get immediate feedback on how well your fab shop is operating. This quiz can help you identify where you need to start when making improvements.

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