Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](
Free Webinar: July 18th @ 11AM EST, Selling Your Business, Role of M&A [MORE INFO](

Consistent, Predictable Results for Fab Shop Owners

We were at a place where we were profitable, but we didn’t know why.  Working with Ed has given us really good clarity on the numbers side of our business so it’s no longer a stressor.

Hiring was really difficult, stressful and scary because we didn’t know the real financial impact of it.  After working with Ed, it’s really easy to do a projection into the next quarter, half year, a year, three years, five years to see the impact of hiring.

Since working with Ed, my business is so radically different than what it was when we first started.  Now the plan for growth is really simple. And it’s really clear how we’re gonna do it and there’s no real fear anymore.

I trust Ed because he has such a wealth of knowledge and he’s been in the industry. He’s coached so many fabricators. He’s seen every problem out there. And he really knows how to deal with salespeople. What pleasantly surprised me about working with Ed is that I really liked him. He’s just an easygoing guy and is very relatable.

It’s helped me in so many different ways with my sales numbers. Working with Ed is a privilege.  It will pay dividends when you don’t even realize it.  He’s just a wonderful coach!

Grew to $7M company

Profit increased 50%

Owner able to predict P&L during the month

Consistent 5 day Template to Install lead time

Freed up 20% capacity

Came through the recession very strong

Pressured brand new competitor shop in town to close 2 years after opening

Before we’re we started working with Ed, everything was based on a hunch.  He helped dig us out of our little hole so we could look at the big picture.  He kept us focused – because it’s just easy to get lost in the day to day and forget about the things that are really going to impact your business.   He’s helped us with even more than I thought he would.  I would encourage anybody to work with Ed!  But be prepared —  because he is going to hold you accountable.  If you want to get the things done that will make an impact, then that’s what you need. And he’s a really good partner for that.

He’s a man of integrity. And he’s a very intelligent guy.   His experience in multiple industries, including the stone industry, is priceless.  He knows what he’s talking about.

We’re just about to take off with his recommendations. I feel like we’re on the launchpad ready to push the button.  When you’re experiencing extreme growth like we are, it’s hard to focus on the business. And Ed has helped us with that.

Grew to $7.5M company in same space

Profit doubled

Owner able to predict P&L during the month

Fixed 5 day Template to Install lead time

Freed up 30% capacity

Customer satisfaction increased

Find out exactly what results you can expect for your shop

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